Sequoyah Fund Annual Reports

Sequoyah Fund is a Native CDFI located in Cherokee, North Carolina. As a mature organization in their ecosystem they value and are able to really pay attention to their annual reports. These projects always uniquely represent their brand spirit and what they are up to in the world.


I designed a special report for the 20th anniversary year of the Native CDFI. The concept and size was based on a record album. Throughout the piece there are color and design references to the progression of 20 years. 


I designed an annual report based on the concept of helper. The Cherokee syllabery version of the word (seen here on the cover) was used in various ways throughout the piece to support the concept.  


For 2016 the theme was "Connection" and "Connector". I created a basket weave illustration for the cover that was repeated inside and throughout. The pattern is loosely based on Eastern Band of Cherokee weavings.  

What People Say

"I'm so incredibly grateful for your design work on this project, you really created something iconic and at a time when it was needed most. I’m forever grateful."

-Shannon Galpin, Activist-Author-Adventurer, Mountain to Mountain

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